Catherine L. Ramstetter, PhD


This section contains samples from my course syllabi and student evaluations.

In April of 2012 I started teaching a course at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences called Social and Cultural Issues in Contemporary Regional Health Care. On June 18, 2012, the students presented their culminating work the inaugural TCCNHS Health Expo. Held in our College, the event offered booths on 60 different health topics, and community members and faculty attended. Click here to see the slideshow from the event.

I also teach yoga at Corryville Catholic School, every Friday during the school day for the 7th and 8th grade students, and after school for teachers and staff. Here you see me doing a session with students and their families at our 2011 Spring Fling for Health.

yoga at Corryville Catholic School

Teaching Philosophy

As the instructor, I promise to make the course challenging and provide a safe learning environment. I subscribe to a constructivist philosophy about teaching and learning, and I strive to provide an open, inclusive in-class and on-line learning environment. What this means is that I see my role as the facilitator of your learning. I believe in sharing our knowledge and understanding so as to bring each of us to broader and/or deeper understanding and appreciation of concepts. Therefore, we will be engaging in peer-review and working in small groups. I will provide time in class for both of these activities, as it has been my experience that out-of-class group work is marginally successful and wildly stressful. I will expect you to be engaged in every class meeting and assignment to the fullest of your abilities. Having said all this, I trust each of you to know your needs as students best and to communicate directly with me about how I might support you in your progress in this course and in your academic endeavors—ultimately, it is you who owns your learning.

Course Materials

Click here to view the students’ evaluation collected by the School of Human Services from the Fall of 2010, when I taught Health Science Statistics:  Ramstetter Evaluation Detailed 18HPE791 A10. I taught the course again in Fall of 2011, with adjustments based on the students’ feedback. HPE791 syllabus 11A CLR pdf. During the course, I developed a Student Handbook on which tests to run, based on the research question; how to enter the data and run the test on SPSS; and how to interpret and write up the results in APA style. Students indicated this handbook was invaluable.  HPE 791 A11 Ramstetter CourseEval.

In Winter quarter of 2011, I taught in the Public Health Sciences program in the College of Medicine (26PH702_Health Systems and Policy W11 Syllabus). For this course, I conducted a pre- and post-course evaluation. The students’ rating of their understanding of the course objectives can be found here: PH 702 W11 Pre Post evaluation of course objectives and the students’ post-course evaluative reflection, along with my response is found here: Student Post-course Evaluative Reflection and Debrief. Click here to view the students’ evaluation collected by the Public Health Sciences program: CourseEval EndofQtr W11 PH702. I taught this course Summer of 2011 also. I used these evaluations to inform changes in the way the course is organized and which activities and assignments students do.

In Spring of 2011, I taught HPE 732, Health Promotion Program Management, as a Service-Learning course with the FreeStore FoodBank as our community partner. The students gained an understanding of program management and, specifically, how these management concepts may apply to health promotion programs. Each contributed to establishing a strategic plan for a health-promotion program for the constituents of the Free Store Food Bank that married the FSFB larger strategic plan to address the identified health objectives within the cost, time and available resource constraints. Click here for the Student’s Narrative and here for the HPE Strategic Plan. I also conducted pre-mid-post evaluative reflections.


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