Catherine L. Ramstetter, PhD

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Ramstetter, C. L., Murray, R., & Garner, A. (November, 2010). The crucial role of recess in schools. Journal of School Health, 80(11), 517-526. Ramstetter, Murray, & Garner (2010)
  2. Ramstetter, C. (2010). Participatory Action Research to assess and enhance Coordinated School Health in one elementary school (Doctoral dissertation, University of Cincinnati). Document number: ucin1276537211;
  3. Ramstetter (Walsh), C. L. (2008). Bullying prevention programs in U.S. elementary schools:  A discussion of conclusions and implications. The Health Education Monograph Series: Student Monograph, 25(3), 27-37.
  4. Barber-Westin, S. D., Galloway, M., Noyes, F. R., Corbett, G., & Walsh, C. (December, 2005). Assessment of lower limb neuromuscular control in prepubescent athletes. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 33, 1853 – 1860.
  5. Noyes, F. R., Westin, S. B., Fleckenstein, C. M., Walsh, C. L., & West, J. R. (February, 2005). The drop-jump screening test: Difference in lower limb alignment between gender and effect of neuromuscular training in female athletes. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 33, 197-207.
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